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iPhone Battery Replacement Cost vs. Worth: Why it Matters

Getting your iPhone battery replaced when it starts to slow down should be a no-brainer. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For starters, you’ll want to see if you are still under warranty with Apple. If you’re covered, having your battery replaced will be free of charge.

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement: How to Tell if You Need it Now

Does your iPhone 8 always seem to die quickly? What about restarting in the middle of a text message?

Apple's Gather Round Event: 3 New iPhones & Apple Watch Series 4

We thought we might have an idea about what Apple was going to announce at its Gather Round product event in Cupertino, California yesterday – and while we can gloat about correctly predicting some of the new turns, Apple was also able to come up with quite a few pleasant surprises.

Need a New Case? The 10 Best iPhone Cases of 2018

Finding the best case to protect your iPhone can prove challenging. This is mostly because there are so many cases that promise to protect your precious device. In other instances, these cases are only meant to beautify your iPhone through ornate design.

iPhone X Screen Repair: How Much Should It Cost You?

There’s no debating the fact that virtually everyone loves the iPhone X – and there’s plenty to love, with its edge-to-edge no-bezel OLED screen, razor-fast processor, and dual wide-angle cameras.

Technician Spotlight: Meet Puls Technician Jerry L.

At Puls, we have service technicians with all different backgrounds, walks of life, specializations and experiences throughout most major cities nationwide.   Want to get to know our Puls technicians? Read real stories, insights and fun facts from our team of experts to find out what it's like to be part of the Puls team, how they got started, and more.

  • 8 min read
  • 09/09/18

iPhone 7 Won’t Turn On? Here's What You Can Do

There are a multitude of reasons why an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus won’t turn on – but don’t worry, there’s a good chance we’ve got a solution for you!

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement: 5 Signs You Need It Now

Apple’s iPhone 6 battery lasts up to ten hours between charges, but this can vary depending on how often you use your device. According to Apple, the iPhone 6’s battery maintains 80 percent of its capacity for up to 500 charging cycles.

Best Free Educational Apps of 2018 for All Ages to Enjoy

With the school year underway, many of us have education on our minds. As such, there are a number of educational apps available for those of all ages, from language-learning mobile apps for adults to educational apps for kids. We’ve gathered some of the eight of the best educational apps of 2018 - if you like, you can check out our back to school apps from last year, too.

3 New iPhones Rumored to Release in 2018: What to Expect

If the rumors are true, 2018 will bring something exciting for everyone as far as new iPhones are concerned. Even before last year’s release of the premium-priced iPhone X, there were already whispers that Apple would continue with last year’s trend of releasing not one, but three new iPhones for 2018.

iPhone X Repair Near Me: The Faster, Cheaper Option

Apple has always marketed itself as a premium brand, but the technology giant is pushing the envelope even further with its latest flagship, the iPhone X, setting the price point virtually at the four-figure mark. At $999 before tax for the entry-level 64GB model, we can pretty much all agree not to split hairs about the extra buck.

Best iPhone Games of 2018 to Download Right Now

If you’re in search of this year’s best iPhone games - look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 2018’s best mobile games for your on-the-go entertainment. Apple has a considerable amount of freemium games available on the iTunes App Store.

Technician Spotlight: Meet Puls Technician Everett P.

Get to know our Puls technician Everett P. - read real stories, insights and some fun facts from our experts to find out what it's like to be part of the Puls team.

  • 9 min read
  • 08/08/18

iPhone X Screen Problems? How to Fix Them Fast

If you’re already an iPhone X user, you know that having the device can be both a blessing and a curse. Apple’s iPhone X is loaded with features and extras - the likes of which have never been seen before.

Cracked iPhone X Screen? Here's What You Can Do

It almost goes without saying that one of the standout features on the iPhone X is the display – 5.8 inches of beautiful no-bezel Super Retina OLED with a notch camera that set off a string of copycats across the board.

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