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iPhone 6 Struggles? Try Our iPhone 6 Troubleshooting Guide

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iPhone 6 Struggles? Try Our iPhone 6 Troubleshooting Guide

Like that friendship bracelet, you’re still wearing from sixth grade or that threadbare Party of Five t-shirt that you inexplicably continue to risk in the laundry machine, your iPhone 6 is, for better or worse, pretty much a permanent fixture in your life now.

And that’s cool because you value loyalty – even if at times it does come with a bit of sacrifice. Over time and with new iOS updates, you’ve come to appreciate your phone’s quirks as an inherent part of its personality. But when your iPhone 6 won’t turn on, well, that’s another story.

Fortunately, there are some quick fixes you can try, whether you’re having an iPhone 6 reception issue, or simply trying to troubleshoot a black screen. With our handy iPhone 6 troubleshooting guide, you’ll have your bestie back up and running in no time, in great condition to keep on following you into the bathroom for years to come.  iPhone 6 troubleshooting


iPhone 6 unresponsive

Okay, let’s start with the basics. If your iPhone 6 is frozen, reset it by hitting the sleep/wake and home buttons for about ten seconds, or until the Apple logo comes up.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, bear in mind that very low battery can sometimes cause the phone to freeze up, so try plugging it into the wall for a while – say, 20 minutes or so, and giving it another try.

Which brings us to our next point...


If your iPhone 6 won’t charge

The first thing you should always do is check your ports. Dirty ports can prevent the phone from charging properly, which can cause a number of alarming symptoms. But fear not, oftentimes, a toothpick is all you need to get things running smoothly again.

If that fails to work, check your cable. Either plug your device in with another cable, or test your cable on another device, and you’ve isolated the source of the problem. Pat yourself on the back, take a few puffs of your pipe and inform your trusty sidekick Watson that it’s all in a day’s work.

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My iPhone 6 won’t turn on

iPhone 6 won't turn onNo need to panic just yet. There are a few reasons why a phone may not turn on – or may not appear to turn on.

For one thing, you might just be dealing with a bad display, and those can be replaced. To find out if it’s your phone’s screen that’s the problem, simply try messing around with it for a minute. See if it makes a sound if you try to turn it off and on again. See what happens if you move the mute switch-- does your phone vibrate? If so, it’s likely just the display that’s off.

Alternately, it could be that, as we said above, your phone’s not taking a charge. Try troubleshooting the charging problems and see if it comes back to life.

And, to find out if it’s the power button that’s the issue, try plugging the phone into the computer. After letting it charge a bit, see if it’ll turn on. If it does, then it might be your power button that’s at fault. You can find more detailed info on iPhone 6 issues in our blog.


WiFi isn’t working

iPhone 6 no WiFi reception

One of the more common issues people have is that their iPhone 6 Wifi isn’t connecting. While there are a couple of easy things you could try, such as rebooting the phone or switching to airplane mode and back again, there is also a laundry list of other potential fixes.

In fact, the problem may even lie with your router and not your phone at all. A good way to check that is to try connecting to a different network. If it’s only your home network that is giving you WiFi problems, you may want to try some of our router fixes.

But first, you can try to fix it via the WiFi settings on your phone.

By going into settings and clicking “forget network,” you can get a fresh start with a network when you try to reconnect.

You can also reset the network settings on your phone by going to Settings/General and then hit Reset Network Settings.

It’s also possible that the WiFi Assist feature is throwing a wrench into the works. Try switching it off by going to Settings/Cellular and then selecting WiFi Assist.

You may also try to troubleshoot your router by switching it down to 2.4 GHz from the 5 GHz setting. Though 5 is slightly faster, the 2.4 GHz could improve both the distance and quality of the connection.

Other solutions are to try turning off MAC filtering on your router or even try to update its firmware.


Poor iPhone 6 reception

iPhone 6 with no receptionIf you’re having a hard time getting a good signal, Apple recommends using their support guide. While some of the steps are no-brainers, like resetting your phone or taking out the SIM and putting it back in, there are a few good suggestions, such as resetting your network settings or checking for carrier updates.

There’s also the possibility that you’re in an area with more 3G than LTE cell phone towers. Because the phone wants to connect to the highest-speed connection available, this can actually be disadvantageous on a low-LTE area.

Override this manually by first turning off your WiFi, and then going to Settings/Cellular Data/Disable LTE. Wait a minute and then try turning on your WiFi. If this doesn’t work immediately, you can try turning your phone off and on and see if the Disable LTE setting remains.


What Puls can do for you

If you are still experiencing issues with your iPhone 6, we suggest scheduling a Puls service. Our technician will come to you anytime, anywhere to replace your phone battery or run a diagnostic on your device to find the root of the problem. Easily book an appointment with us online here, and we can have your iPhone 6 up and running in no time at all!

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