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iPhone 8: Everything We Know About Apple's Latest Device

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iPhone 8: Everything We Know About Apple's Latest Device

Can you believe it? 2017 marked the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone, and it’s looking to be a banner year for the company’s flagship phone. My, they grow up so fast!

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With this year’s auspicious release of the iPhone 8, Apple looks to create another game-changer in the phone market. Rumors of an edge-to-edge, no-bezel screen and a home button banished to obsolescence forecast a new standard for mobile devices globally.

But Apple is no stranger to trend-setting.  

A brief iPhone history

In 2005, Steve Jobs conceived of a touchscreen telephone that would combine the iPod with a mobile phone with world-class internet surfing capability. Ten years ago, in January 2007, after nearly two-and-a-half years of development, Apple unveiled what would become the poster child of mobile communication. The jettisoning of the keyboard reshaped the world of cellular phones, bringing us from clunky, button-y bricks into the era of the mini-computer phone's.

Over the years, Apple has added features that we take for granted now, but if we take a moment to think back, these things were revolutionary at the time. From the forward-facing camera to video calling, the iPhone has shaped our culture in ways we would have never guessed. Who would have predicted a talking virtual assistant with sass, or the rise of the selfie stick?

The culminating moment – at least, for now – is the long-awaited iPhone 8 release. It looks like Apple will be skipping the 7S and going straight for the big prize. (And its no wonder with many of Apple’s loyal audience sitting out the 7’s release, denouncing it as not very different from its predecessor the iPhone 6, but eagerly awaiting the iPhone 8’s release.) Let’s have a look at the latest scuttlebutt on the newest addition to the iPhone family. 


On to bigger and better

The most dramatic rumored changes to the iPhone 8 generating major buzz are, of course, the new curved, all-glass, edge-to-edge, no-bezel display screen. 

According to an article from MacWorld, the highly anticipated 10th Anniversary phone will be built with next-generation OLED screen and more scratch resistant Gorilla glass, front and back.

Also rumored to be included in the radical redesign would be the removal of the top and bottom bezels, which previously housed the front-facing camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor respectively. These features are predicted to be built directly into the display, allowing a more streamline look. And thanks to the new 3D touch technology that we saw with the iPhone 6s, Apple is now able to use this patent technology to eliminate the home button entirely.

Some rumors suggest that the new home button will be sensitive to features, allowing the user to simply swipe across the screen or lean a finger a certain direction to scroll the screen through a game, for example. In this case, the Home button will function similarly to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. Other far-out rumor suggests that the new home button will 'pop up' on a little spring and turn into a joystick for playing games. There are many iOS games we know that will directly benefit from this futuristic feature. 

The iPhone 8 has also taken its waterproof feature to deeper depths with protected waterproof submersion now at a new 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.  It’s also being reported that new long-range wireless technology may be implemented. A team of Apple engineers, with expertise in wireless charging, were hired presumably to bring this cutting-edge feature to the next generation of iPhones.

So, which of these new designs will prove real and which are merely rumors? Only the future can tell. But with Apple’s decade-long track record of setting trends, one can only hope that this newest anniversary release will keep their streak going.


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