10 Amazon Alexa Skills to Use in the Kitchen

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Amazon’s increasingly popular voice assistant, Alexa, makes a myriad of everyday tasks around the house an absolute breeze. The smart speaker is a fantastic means of entertaining company, kids, and streamlining just about everything we need at home.

One of the most substantial advantages Alexa provides is its ability to facilitate activities in the kitchen - from reading recipes aloud, to timers, to simplifying measurements and more. If you love to cook or bake, you’ll really love to do so with Alexa around.

So to help you discover a thing or two about some of Alexa’s most advantageous skills to try out in the kitchen, we’ve compiled this handy list for your convenience. Without further ado, here’s 10 Alexa skills to use in the kitchen to make your time spent in the kitchen more seamless, fun and efficient than ever before.


Set hands-free timers

mother and daughter cooking in kitchenPerhaps one of the most convenient kitchen skills Alexa has to offer is its ability to set timers for you with voice command. This way, you can be sure that all your favorite meals and baked goods are cooked to perfection, while you focus your attention on more important things (without getting your phone screen wet or covered in flour).


Automate your gadgets

WeMo smart plug coffee makerCredit: MakeUseOf

For food that’s ready at your (voice) command, leave it to Alexa. Connect any Alexa-enabled device to your smart cooker, instant pot or smart coffee maker to easily command it regarding when to turn on or off, adjust settings, or brew some java, all without having to touch a single button.


Look up recipes

family cooking with Amazon Echo ShowSquinting at recipes on a tiny phone screen that goes to sleep every 30 seconds isn’t exactly ideal. Thanks to Alexa, this discomfort becomes a thing of the past. Use Alexa to look up new recipes you’ve been meaning to try, or read them aloud as you diligently cook and bake away.


Convert measurements

Amazon Alexa skills for kitchenWhether you’re converting milliliters to cups or grams to pounds, Alexa makes converting and measuring cooking units a cinch. Simply ask questions like ‘Alexa, how many tablespoons are in a stick of butter?’ or ‘Alexa, what’s 180 degrees celsius in fahrenheit?’ and you’ll be good to go, without any doubt - and, hopefully, without any recipe calamities.


Adjust your smart appliances

Samsung Family Hub smart fridgeSamsung Family Hub smart fridge. Credit: Samsung.

With smart appliances like smart fridges and smart ovens, you can easily make adjustments as you please with the power of voice command. Tell Alexa to turn them on or off, use your go-to cooking or baking settings, or even raise or lower the temperature - talk about convenient.


Stream video tutorials

family baking cookies with smart devicesTrying out a new recipe or cooking method? Sometimes having a visual to follow along with can make all the difference. Have Alexa stream YouTube tutorials on your Echo Show, so your hands will be completely freed up for all the chopping, marinating and stirring the recipes call for.


Add items to your grocery list

woman looking in fridgeHave a tough time remembering what to buy for the week? No worries - Alexa add items to your grocery list with voice command. As soon as you notice you’re out of a certain ingredient or you’re craving something specific, simply say ‘Alexa, add rice to my shopping cart’ so it’s instantly saved, before it slips your mind.


Adjust your thermostat

nest thermostatNest thermostat. Credit: Nest/Target

Take a second to picture the last time you baked a cake on a hot summer’s day - it probably wasn’t pretty. Fortunately with Alexa, you can easily maintain the perfect room temperature with the power of your voice. Just tell Alexa to adjust your smart thermostat as you see fit while you cook, so it’s smooth sailing while you prepare your favorite meals and delicacies.


Listen to music

listening to music with AlexaNothing sets the mood like some feel-good music. Stream your favorite Spotify or Amazon Music songs or playlists as you cook and clean up to take the edge off - dealing with that pile of dishes won’t seem nearly as daunting.


Track calories

Alexa in kitchenCalorie conscious? No need to count them all on your own - there’s an Alexa skill for that. Simply ask, ‘Alexa, how many calories are in 2 scrambled eggs?’ and you’ll get all the information you need in seconds, without dirtying up your phone or stepping away from your current task.


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