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You’ll Be Amazed at What this Refrigerator with WiFi Can Do

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If you haven’t yet heard of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, we’ve got to say, this fridge is cool.

Billing the refrigerator as a gathering point for the family is a clever bit of marketing – the Family Hub hangs on to the refrigerator’s age-old position as a sort of “water cooler” of the household, but ups the ante with its IoT (internet of things) connectivity.

This allows family members to touch base even remotely -- but when all is said and done, it’s more than just a refrigerator with WiFi, or a cute marketing bit. We think that with the Family Hub, Samsung really delivers.

What the Family Hub is packing

Samsung Family HubCredit: Samsung

Samsung really took a “go big or go home” approach with this one, and given that we’re talking about a refrigerator, that’s probably a good choice. It looks like the investment paid off.

The Family Hub supports a massive amount of apps that let you customize your fridge settings while simultaneously looking after the rest of your smart appliances. Here are some of the more notable features.

Bringing the food to you  

Samsung Family HubCredit: Samsung

This futuristic refrigerator doesn’t just store your food – it helps you keep track of it and order more, directly to your door. Three cameras monitor the inside of your fridge, so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re out of queso, and you can create shopping lists to share and update with the family in real time. You can even use the Instacart app to order groceries, or GrubHub to order food delivery.

Stick it on the fridge 2.0

Samsung Family HubCredit: Samsung

Just because a refrigerator is digital doesn’t mean that it can’t be personal. In fact, the Family Hub might be even more so. In addition to plenty of magnetic real estate to hang photos or drawings, the Family Hub’s surface sports a hefty touch screen which lets you take memos, draw on a whiteboard, or tack important times or dates on an interactive calendar.

Smart Hub

Samsung Family HubCredit: Samsung

The Family Hub fridge also shoots to outdo smart TVs as the big boss when it comes to controlling your home’s smart appliances – but we say, the more the merrier. Use the Family Hub’s screen and sound system to speak with someone at your front door with the Ring doorbell camera, change the TV channel, adjust the thermostat, and more, via Samsung’s SmartThings. Coupled with the intelligent voice assistant Bixby, you are able to accomplish all of this hands free by just speaking your commands.

Entertainment Hub

friends watching game togetherUsing your Family Hub screen, you can listen to all your favorite music with Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and more – as well as mirror your Samsung TV or phone to stream shows, movies, play games, or even make a video call. You can also use the screen to access web content such as news, weather, and more.

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