What Kind of Window Treatment Installation Can My Dallas Area Handyman Do?

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Texans like things big, and for good reason – bigger is almost always better. But with big things come big responsibilities, especially when it comes to windows. With temperatures pushing (or passing) 100 degrees most days, a naked window in the Texas summertime is – well, it’s an invitation to turn your home into a king-sized sauna. And the larger your windows are, the more heat they allow inside.

Window treatments like blinds, curtains, shutters, and more are naturally great for offering privacy and shade (especially when watching TV), but more than that, they can also take a big chunk off of your air conditioning bill. 

Whether you’ve just moved to new digs, had windows installed, or are just interested in changing up your home’s interior look, Puls offers the perfect window treatment near you, no matter where you’re located across the Metroplex. Check out some stylish and functional window treatment ideas after the jump. 

These Summer-Friendly Window Shades Will Look Amazing Year-Round

Roman Shades -True to their name, Roman shades give off a feeling of luxury and class. When fully open they hang smooth, but they fold up in geometric perfection. Made from materials such as linen and bamboo (and heavier stuff, as well), they keep you cool, with an even cooler Mediterranean vibe. 

Dual Layer Shades -These shades offer the best of both worlds – with two layers of alternating sheer and opaque stripes, you can position them so that you can see through the clear slats, slightly realign it so that it provides full shade, or raise it completely to let in all the light.

Air Purifying Curtains from IKEA - Reduce indoor air pollution with IKEA’s science fiction-y GUNRID curtains. The shade’s futuristic mineral-based surface treatment is activated by either natural or indoor light to purify your home’s air, turning contaminants into carbon dioxide and tiny water molecules. 

Thermal or Blackout Shades - Also combining form and function are thermal, or blackout, shades. These heavy-hitters filter out light, extreme temperatures, and noise -- and when shut can provide you with an addictive sense of quiet and isolation. Ideal for bedrooms and entertainment rooms, thermal shades are versatile and can be installed through a variety of methods, from tracks to rods.

Vertical Blinds - Cloth, plastic, wood, or metal vertical blinds are another great option for summertime, as they are easily adjustable to let in air and light, can be opened vertically in place or pulled entirely to the side, and provide complete coverage when closed. They are usually installed on a track along the ceiling. 

Additional Suggestions for Window Treatment Near You

Wooden Shutters - Windows aren’t dressed by shades alone. Shutters are a classic that’s back in style and able to be professionally installed by a handyman. With both interior and exterior versions, wooden shutters provide everything from shade, to security, to protection from the elements, all while reminding you that at least some things with real substance aren’t that hard to come by. 

Cornices - Cornices mask the unsightly hardware keeping your window shades or drapes in place, and add a decorative flourish to any room. Made from a variety of materials including cloth and even wood, cornices are a savvy addition to any window treatment installation. 

Concealed Blind Tracks - Recessed tracks are a neat and clean way to install track window blinds without any exposed hardware, and can be installed in ceilings or walls with the blind gap either positioned towards the window or the room. It’s also possible to install hidden double-layer blind and curtain with both drop-down and horizontal sliding blinds. 

Take Advantage of Our Handyman Services Across the Dallas-Forth Worth Area

While we’re happy to brag about our window treatment services, Puls offers a lot more than just curtain assembly near you. We provide an array of handyman services, from wall hanging, to electrical services, furniture assembly, gutter cleaning, power washing, TV mounting, interior painting and more. 

If you don’t see your needed handyman services on the list, just ask and we’ll let you know if your requested handyman service is available (it most probably is!) 

Not only that, but there’s no need to go hunting for a different specialist for each service you require – book your time slot with Puls and a qualified professional will arrive at your doorstep to do a multitude of tasks at the time that’s convenient for you, and can often arrive on the very same day. 

Simply select the services you’re looking for, choose the time that’s right for you, and let your handyman take care of the rest.

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