Moving Checklist: How to Make Your Move Seamless

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Moving is both exciting and time-consuming. Whether you’re moving from an apartment into your first home, relocating to a place with more room, or downsizing to a residence with less maintenance, there’s a lot to do. 

In addition to packing up your worldly possessions and hiring a moving company, there are many projects at both locations that you might not think about until the last minute. Reduce stress, save time and money with this handy Moving Checklist. You can do the work yourself—in your free time—or hire professionals to get the jobs done fast and easy.

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Old Home

If you’re leaving an apartment, you’ll want to make sure to leave it in top condition so you get your security deposit back. If you’re moving from a house, the new owners will appreciate a well-maintained property. There are also a few things that will make your life easier when relocating your equipment, appliances, and furniture. 

  • Drywall repairfill those holes left from pictures, television mount, or other damage. Don’t lose out on your security deposit or get a big bill from the management company after they’ve hired their own repair service.
  • Appliancesdisconnect the refrigerator waterline, gas line from the oven, dishwasher hook-ups, and the washer and dryer in preparation for the move. The proper method will make re-connecting a smoother process.
  • Furniture disassembly—not everything can be moved intact, so you’ll need to take apart your beds, shelf units, desks, large dressers and other big furniture pieces. Make sure to keep all the hardware and extra parts together for easy reassembly.
  • TV unmounting and component removaltaking your television off the wall and disconnecting your audio/video components may seem like a simple process, but keeping the maze of wires and diagram of connections will ensure a smooth set-up at your new home.
  • Smart security and computer disconnection—keeping your intricate equipment protected and organized is critical for a successful reinstall. You’ll need to contact the internet provider serving your new address to order service and schedule an appointment for installation.

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New Home

Now that you’ve handled the major items needed to move out, it’s time to refer to the Moving Checklist to tackle the many projects in your new place. If possible, it will be easier to take care of most of these items before you actually move in.

  • Deep clean—unless you’re moving into a brand-new home, you’ll want to clean it from top to bottom. Steam clean carpets, wash the walls, mop hard surface floors, scrub the kitchen and bathrooms, wash the windows, and even vacuum the basement. If you’re short on time or need some extra help, consider hiring professional cleaners.
  • Change the locks—it’s a good idea to protect your family by changing the locks. You don’t know who has a key and the cost of changing or re-keying the locks will be worth it for the peace of mind you’ll get.
  • Drywall repairs and repainting—make the home your own by repairing drywall damage and repainting the main rooms in colors that will match your preferences and furnishings. Things will go faster if you don’t have to work around furniture and other belongings.
  • HVAC maintenance—be sure your heat and air conditioning units are operating at peak performance by hiring a professional home service company to inspect and service your equipment. They’ll change filters and check for potential problems.
  • Appliance installation—your movers will only bring your appliances in but you may need a pro to hook everything up for you. You may need a water line run for your fridge, a gas line installed for your oven or dryer, or a new connection for the dishwasher. Hiring an appliance installation company will ensure everything is hooked up safely and properly.
  • Furniture assembly—don’t forget that all those furnishings that came apart at your old home will now need to be put back together in your new home. You may want some new things too. Make sure you know where your toolbox is or hire a handyman to assemble it all.
  • TV mounting—once you’ve transferred all your possessions into the new location, you’re going to want to sit back and relax a little. You’ll want to follow these instructions for mounting your TV or bring in reinforcements to do it for you.
  • Picture hanging—there is a process for properly hanging artwork and family pictures. Bring out your tape measure, hardware and hammer or let a handyman put them up for you.
  • Smart home installation and setup—prepare your new home to be secure and efficient. Professional installers can connect security cameras, smart doorbell, smart thermostat, home theater devices, smart speaker, and setup your WiFi connection. Now you’re all set to enjoy every part of your new home.

More Pre-Moving List Reminders

In all the chaos of juggling work and getting ready to move, you may forget some of the basic things that are important for a stressfree move:

  • Forwarding address—while “snail mail” is no longer the most-used means of communication, you’ll still need to change your address with the post office. You can fill out the proper forms online at or in person at a branch office. Forwarding services expire after 60 days, so you may want to leave your new address with the new owners for any stray items that get delivered there after that time. Transfer print newspaper and magazine subscriptions too.
  • Schedule disconnect and reconnect services—you’ll need to notify the utility companies that you’re moving. You can check websites for the gas, electric, water, garbage, sewer, security, internet, and cable companies to see if there’s a form to fill out. It will generally ask for the date to discontinue service and the forwarding address for the final bill. You’ll probably need to schedule on-site visits at the new location so plan ahead. Don’t forget to cancel any lawn care, landscaping, or snow removal services you have contracted too. You can also set up new services at your new home so everything is transferred simultaneously. 
  • Homeowners or Renters Insurance—even if you’ve already established a new policy for your new residence, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to specifically cancel the old policy. Let them know the anticipated closing date and confirm on that day in case there’s any delays.
  • Label and organize boxes—just as you do when packing for vacation, the more organized you are, the easier it will be when you arrive at the new destination. First boxes out the door will be the last to be unloaded, so plan accordingly. Consider color coding boxes and marking the coordinating rooms with a door label. This will help the movers place everything in the proper space.

Moving Day To-Do List

The day has arrived when you’re finally saying goodbye to your old space and hello to your new one. Your brain is probably on overload, so here are a few more items for your “moving list of things to do:”

  • Clean up—even if you’re an impeccable housekeeper, you may be surprised at how dirty your home is once you move everything out. The vacant spots under your appliances and heavy furniture will probably need a quick vacuum or mop. If it’s a rainy or snowy day, it will be nice to leave things as neat as possible for the new owners. Leave a few cleaning supplies behind like a papertowels, cleaning sprays, a vacuum, and a mop to take care of these last-minute touch-ups.
  • Child- and Pet-Proof—if you’ve got little kids or pets, keep them safe by setting up a kid-free area for packing materials, tools, cleaning supplies, or other dangerous items. Make sure windows are closed, one door in and out, and secure any blind cords that are hanging low. You can do a thorough child-proofing after you’re all moved in.
  • Furniture layout—take a quick tour of your home before the movers start bringing things in. Have a general layout in mind for heavy furniture and appliances to make the job go faster (and save you money on hourly moving expenses.) 
  • Locate the Circuit Box and Water Main—making sure you’ve got power and water for your first day is pretty important so look in the garage or basement for the circuit box (make sure everything is turned on) and your water main is likely somewhere along the perimeter of your home. Make sure the furnace or air conditioning is working, depending on the time of year you’re moving.
  • Confirm Utilities Connections—keep all the numbers handy for the new utility companies and contact them on moving day to ensure everything is operational. You don’t want any surprises at the end of a long day, especially if you’re moving on a weekend when it might be difficult to reach customer service.

Let Puls Help Make Your Move Easy

We’ve got skilled technicians ready to save you time and money. No need to spend weeks or months preparing to move and then drag out your toolbox once you arrive at your new home. Our handyman service can handle a majority of projects to make the transition a smooth one.

Ask about our Puls+ Membership Program for even more peace of mind. For a low annual fee, you’ll receive discounts off all home services, including appliance installation and repair and handyman services. Fully vetted technicians, an extended guarantee, and priority booking are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive with membership.

Take control of your move by letting Puls handle all those Moving Checklist items. Convenient online booking means we’ll be at your home when you need us, same day scheduling is also available. Don’t waste another minute, book your service now.

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