How Much Does Garage Door Replacement Cost?

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You rely on your morning routine to run smoothly. You wake up each morning expecting your shower faucet to spray hot water, your coffee maker to have a hot cup of joe waiting when you get downstairs, and your garage door to open at the touch of a button. If any one of these things breaks down, it’s likely you’re in for a bad day.

No matter what type of garage door you have, it’s critical that it is in top working condition. When any part of it breaks down, all you can do is wait until help arrives and worry about the cost of a garage door replacement

We’ve done the research to help ease your mind and better understand the average cost of a garage door replacement:

What is the Average Cost of Garage Door Replacement?

There are a number of ways you can go to replace your garage door such as using old tracks and hardware vs. replacing everything, so the average cost of garage door replacement can be a little skewed. The typical cost to remove the old door, tracks, and hardware plus install a full new system will be between $590 to $1,650.

What are the Factors Affecting Garage Door Replacement Cost?

In addition to the decision about using old vs. new hardware, there are many other several other factors that will affect the final cost of the job. The size and style of the door, the manufacturer, the material used, plus any extras like insulation, windows, and special hardware will all come into play.

Garage Door Size

When you are replacing a garage door, the size is already designated for you. Unless you want to change an opening or add another door entirely, the variation in costs will be due to the differences in materials and styles.

A single garage door replacement cost will be anywhere from $500 to $2,500 based on one door approximately 9-feet wide x 7-feet tall. Standards are different for different parts of the country so your door may be a different size. 

If you store more than one car, you may have a different configuration with one or two separate doors. A double garage door replacement cost will be between $750 and $4,000 where the cost of a double garage door replacement with two separate doors will be between $1,100 and $4,700. A single double door will typically be 16-feet wide by 7-feet high.

The same applies for a three-car garage with either one double garage door and one single door or three single doors. If your set-up requires three separate doors, the cost would be a little more than the single car garage door replacement cost $1,600 to $7,000 price range.  If you need the two-door combo, you’ll pay a little less between $1,300 and $6,400. 

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Garage Door Type

Whether you’re trying to budget for a one car or two car garage door replacement cost or more, the type of door you choose can impact how much you pay as well asl how much time it will take to install. With supply chain problems hitting every industry, if you choose a specialized door type, you may be looking at long delays getting the door in which may lead to even higher prices. If you are changing the style from what was previously installed, you may be looking at additional labor charges to retrofit the new style to your old opening.

  • Tilt-Up—designed with one solid piece of material that swings out when opening. This will require extra room. Available in both fully retractable and small canopy styles. They must be operated manually and cost between $480 and $1,530.
  • Sectional—made up of several panels that are assembled with hinges. This allows the door to bend and slide up to the ceiling. It is the most popular style and doesn’t require any extra space. It can accept an automatic opener and will cost around $480 to $1,770.
  • Roll-up—is available in sectional and one-piece designs and rolls up instead of moving on tracks. Installation can be challenging but once complete, this style is very durable and low maintenance. Costs around $630 to $2,370.
  • Carriage House—for that upscale, traditional look, the Carriage House style is a double swing door that opens in the middle. Range on the high cost end as there are many designs to choose from with arched or rounded tops, window options and hardware. Expect costs to range from $980 to $6,130.
  • Walk-through—this customized style features a door within a door. It allows access to the garage through a man-door instead of opening the overhead door. Typical cost: $1,000 to $4,750.
  • French—as seen primarily inside the home, double French doors are made from glass and open outward. They are often used for a contemporary style home or in commercial projects. They do not insulated well and are pricey at $1,670 to $5,170.

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Garage Door Material

While the style of garage door will have a great impact on the look of the replacement door, the material will significantly affect the durability and cost. The most common choices are aluminum or steel due to their low cost but other material choices may provide a more stylish look.

  • Steel—this is a popular choice. It is low cost, provides great durability, and can be painted to match the home decor. Average Cost: $570-$2,900.
  • Aluminum—another low-cost option. It is not as strong as steel and can dent more easily. It can also be painted to enhance the look. Average Cost: $530-$2,800.
  • Wood—this material is more stylish than other materials but requires a lot of maintenance. You’ll want to consider the future costs when selecting this material. Average Cost: $870-$4,270.
  • Vinyl—a lightweight product that resists dents. Color goes all the way through so any scratches or imperfections are less noticeable. Average Cost: $780-$2,470.
  • Glass—assembled with aluminum frames and glass panels, this material provides a lot of natural light and design choices. It is more costly than other materials, has little insulation value, and can break with an impact. May require a specialist to install. Average Cost: $950-$4,750.
  • Wood Composite—made from wood fiber, plastic and glue, it is moisture-resistant, very durable, and can accept stain or paint. This material is lighter than actual wood so does not provide the same security for personal belongings inside. Average Cost: $720-$4,370.
  • Fiberglass—this material is durable, low-maintenance, and can be easily painted (no primer needed.) Less expensive than wood but not a good insulator and may need to be installed by a specialist. Average Cost: $800-$2,700.

Custom Garage Door

If you have an unusual size or need a garage door that doesn’t fit the standard stock design, you should consider a custom door. You can expect to pay $1,800 to $9,300 for a garage door replacement with the costs dependent on the level of customization.

Insulated Garage Door

Insulating your garage door is a great way to control the temperature in your garage, no matter what season. Layers of polystyrene or polyurethane are used to increase the door’s R-values and protect the space from extreme cold and heat. Insulated doors average between $500 and $3,000. 


Some garage doors may already include windows, but if not, you may want to consider adding some to let in some natural light and add curb appeal to your home. You’ll pay as much as 70-percent more for a single-car garage door with windows and an additional 30- to 50-percent for the cost of a two-car garage door.


Most contractors will quote the entire job with labor and materials for the cost of a replacement door. The price should also include the cost of removing and installing new tracks and hardware. You may consider removing the old door yourself to save some cost but it can be dangerous and the disposal costs may offset anything you’ve saved. 


Typical supplies like wires, pulleys, braces and torsion springs should be included in the cost of replacement. However, if you’re changing door styles or materials, you may be charged extra for stronger components to better support additional weight.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Most garage door replacement projects do not require a permit from the town. If you are doing any structural changes like increasing the size or adding another door, you may need a building permit which will range anywhere between $40 and $190.


You may need electrical wiring to install a new garage door opener if you haven’t had one previously. That will require both electrical costs and the automatic door opener plus installation. Average charges for a electrician are between $40 and $100 per hour.

Garage Door Replacement Cost Based on Location

Location does impact the cost of a garage door replacement which is why all of these prices are estimates. Material and labor costs vary by location such as high tax states, cost of living, and hourly rate. The same garage door may vary in price by hundreds of dollars in big cities like New York or Los Angeles vs. small towns across the U.S. The costs in this guide are average prices but you’ll need to obtain a quote from a local contractor to completely understand the costs to you.

DIY vs. Professional Garage Door Replacement Cost Comparison

While it typically costs between $390 for a single- and $620 for a double-door more for a professional garage door installer to do the work, the work can be very time-consuming, need special skills, and tools. It can take between 3 and 5 hours for two professional technicians to do a complete replacement project. For a DIY-er, the project could take significantly longer. If you’re going to tackle the job yourself, you’ll need to have a helper as there are many things that will require more than one person to do. You’ll have to work above your head for extended periods of time while standing on a ladder. You’ll also need to be absolutely familiar with the dangers of tension on springs and other components that could be life-threatening. 

What are Garage Door Removal Costs?

Garage door removal should be included in the overall quote for a replacement door. There will be a separate line item for removing the door which will be between $35 and $130. You can get a credit for this if the door has already been removed.

How to Save on Garage Door Replacement Costs

Everyone is anxious to save money when doing any home improvement project. To save on a garage door replacement, you can do a few things to keep a little more of your hard-earned money.

  • Buy Direct—you can save mark-ups from a contractor by purchasing the garage door directly from the manufacturer. You can do this if you plan on doing the work yourself or hiring a small independent contractor to handle it.
  • Don’t Add-on—skip any extra features like windows, insulation, smart technology and any other extras that can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your original order. Stick with a basic door style and material to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Get a Warranty—choose a door and installer that will provide a warranty on the garage door, components, and labor. This will ensure that any major defects will be covered and help curb any extra expenses in the event there is a breakdown.


Is replacing a garage door worth it?

Yes, if your garage door is more than 10 years old or if your door is damaged beyond repair, it will be worth the cost to replace it. In addition, Remodeling Magazine says that if you replace your garage door, you can expect a 93.3% return on investment when you sell your home.

What is the labor cost to install a garage door?

Most professional installers build the labor costs into the entire job quote. However, the labor charges should be included in a breakdown and will be approximately
$300 per unit for a basic installation.

How much will it cost to replace your own garage door?

A garage door replacement will cost about the same as a new install, between $700 and $2,500, with the exception of some reusable parts. While the cost is tempting, it is recommended that a professional handles this dangerous job. They have the proper training and experience that will allow them to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Is replacing a garage door difficult?

Yes, all garage doors are bulky and heavy. You’ll need more than one person to do the job. The moving parts plus the extreme pressure needed for the spring makes it a very dangerous job.

How often should you replace your garage doors?

You should replace your garage door when there is severe damage, it vibrates excessively, has broken hinges, springs, worn out bearings, or spring. If your door is more than 10 or 20 years old, you may want to replace it to improve energy efficiency, to reduce drafts and improve energy bills.

How long does a garage door last?

A garage door lasts approximately 30 years with the proper maintenance. Wood doors can potentially last even longer with regular attention.

How to Hire Puls Garage Door Repair Professionals

Hiring a Puls technician to replace your garage door is quick and easy. With one click, you can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. A fully vetted, skilled technician will be sent out to evaluate your needs and provide a comprehensive quote for replacing your garage door. 

Prices start at $900 for a replacement garage door but you can save with a Puls membership plan. For a low monthly fee, you’ll obtain coverage for your whole home with full repair or replacement, a 15% discount on home services, extended warranties, and a list of extra benefits.

Garage door repairs are our specialty, so we’ll make sure to thoroughly inspect your door and look for repairable issues—door won’t open or close, noisy door, damaged panels—with our 25-point inspection. It’s our mission to address your problems quickly and efficiently with the most cost-effective solution possible. Contact Puls today to set up your appointment, as soon as the same day.


Garage door replacement costs are affected by a number of issues—door size, type, material, customization, insulation, windows, labor, and location. While garage doors can potentially last for 30 years, when serious problems arise, a replacement is the safe and cost-effective option. Always work with a professional installer. If you have a tight budget, you can save money by selecting a standard door with few extras. Look for materials that are durable, low-maintenance, and bring the best curb appeal to your home.

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Debbie Dey is a professional writer with over three decades of experience in residential construction. Her background gives her a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of home improvement projects, which she enjoys sharing through her writing. She has been a Puls staff writer since 2018. In her free time, you can find her relaxing by the water or cruising with her husband in their sports car.
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