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What are Garage Door Installation Costs: Calculate Averages

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A garage is a perfect place to store your lawnmower or snowblower, set up a workbench, park your cars, or even create a summer family room. Attached garages provide convenient access to the house on rainy or blustery days, while detached ones work great for your teenager’s garage band weekly practice space.

If you’ve got a garage, you also need a fully operational door. Not only is it needed for access to the area, it can also add value to your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, a new garage door can add great curb appeal to any home, and you can expect a 93.3% return on investment when you sell. So that means when you sell your home, you will recover a majority of the new garage door installation cost. It’s a win-win.

Let’s explore exactly what those costs are:

What is the Average Cost of Garage Door Installation?

You can expect that the average cost of garage door installation will run between $260 on the low end to $2,300 on the high end, with an average cost somewhere around $1,200. That price includes labor but can vary based on location and door specifications.

Factors that Influence Garage Door Installation Costs

There are a variety of things that affect the cost of garage door installation, most of which are within your control. Obviously, the more features your add to your door, the more expensive it will be. Choose a basic door without a lot of extras and you’ll still be able to buy some things to go inside.

Garage Door Size

  • Single Garage Door—most standard single doors are 8-foot wide x 7-foot high. There will be some cost differences between type of door and materials used. A single garage door installation cost will range from: $400 to $900.
  • Double Garage Door—a single door in a wider standard width of 16-foot x 7-foot high will accommodate two cars side-by-side. It is a full opening with no separation. The costs will again vary based on style and materials. A double garage door installation cost will range from $650 to $3,600.
  • 3-Car Garage Door—in order to accommodate three vehicles, most companies will recommend either a 3-door configuration or a double-door with a single-door. While custom doors can be made to fit, it would be difficult to lift with a standard opener and it would cause excess wear and tear on the motor, rails, and spring. The average cost for three single doors would range from $600 to $1,500 per door. If you choose a double door to go with one single door, add between $800 to $3,500 to the cost of a single door. A single, oversize 3-car garage door would be a custom size and cost over $1,000.00 to start.
  • New Garage Door Opener—once considered a luxury, most homes have an automatic garage door opener. They all come with a manual release so you can open the overhead door even when the power is off and a infrared safety beam feature that reverses the door if the beam is broken while operating. There are a few operating system options to choose from: chain-driven, belt-driven, screw-driven, and direct drive for residential use. The garage door motor installation cost changes based on the horsepower of the unit as well. Options like keypads, remotes and smart feature technology will add to the price but the new garage door opener installation cost for a basic unit will average around $350.

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Garage Door Type

There are many types of garage doors and operating methods. The average cost for garage door installation will vary due to the multiple components and hardware needed and extra time required to do the job. Here are the most common types and cost:

  • Sectional—this is the most popular style of door and has horizontal, hinged sections. They have rollers on the edge of the panels that run up along the ceiling of the garage. Prices start around $750.
  • Roll-Up—just as the name suggests, this type of garage door rolls up on itself above the entrance. It operates similar to a window blind but does not traverse the ceiling. This style of door starts at $850 but requires additional labor.
  • Single Panel—made from a single section, the panel door slides up but doesn’t bend like the sectional door. It lifts in one piece and rests over the car. This style is the least expensive to install and costs around $400.
  • Tilt-Up or Canopy—this style operates as a solid piece that stays flat throughout the operation. It runs parallel with the ceiling and is easy to operate manually. This type forms a canopy that sticks out when open. Costs start at $500.
  • Swinging—this type of door is made from two sections and swings out like a regular door. You’ll need to leave space in front of the garage to operate the doors. These are not very popular so prices are higher at around $1,000.
  • Sliding—these garage doors slide and pivot to rest against the side garage walls when open. These can only be operated manually so you can’t use an opener with it. These are uncommon so expect to pay around $1,000.

Number of Garage Doors

The number of doors also influence the cost of installation. The more doors, the more you’ll spend. A single door is the least expensive at $600 to $1,500; a double door is about $800 to $3,500; and a custom design will be over $1,000. Each door requires separate hardware, springs, and tracks.

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Material and Design

Material costs have been on the rise, so it will have the biggest impact on the cost of your new garage door. There are many factors to consider with each material that you’ll want to research prior to making your selection.

  • Synthetic Materials—vinyl garage doors are a great low-maintenance option. This man-made material resists dents more than other materials but can fade in direct sunlight. Color options are limited to lighter color so they last longer but can be painted to freshen the look. Costs range from $900 to $1,500.
  • Aluminum—this material is lightweight and ideal for wider doors. It is rust-resistant but can dent easily and does not insulate well. It is a reasonable option with prices ranging from $1,500 to $2,000.
  • Steel—this is the most popular option for residential applications. Steel requires little maintenance and can sustain heavy use. This material is very heavy and can dent easily. One of the most cost-effective choices, prices range from $750 to $3,500.
  • Wood and Composite Wood—solid wood doors are losing popularity due to garage doors maintenance needs (painting, caulking) and excessive weight. Composite wood is replacing solid wood as a preferred material. It is lighter, requires less upkeep, and retains its attractive finish longer. It isn’t as durable as other materials. Costs for both materials range from $1,200 to $4,000.

Other Factors

In addition to an automatic garage door opener installation cost, there are several extras you can choose from that will enhance the look and operation of your new garage door.

Many homeowners like to include a row of windows along the top of a sectional door. This provides light into the garage and can include special glass to prevent people from looking inside. You can choose insulated glass, textured, tinted or obscure, depending on your specific needs. Windows come in various designs, sizes, and configurations. Average prices will increase the cost of the door by $300 to $500.

To increase the aesthetics of the door, many homeowners choose to add enhancements like Carriage-style strap hinges and door pulls, Arts and Crafts hardware, Mission-style decor trim or many other decorative features. You can add these yourself with magnetic designs ranging from $45 to $80 a set. Installation through your installer will increase the cost of the door by $250 to $400.

Homeowners with children often like to add a keypad to provide easy access without a key. You can set up separate number combinations for different family members or use one code for everyone. Keypads are usually included in the average garage door opener installation cost but range from $30 to $60 if added separately.


While many projects can be done as DIY projects to save the cost of labor for a professional technician, garage door installation can be dangerous and complicated. Hiring a certified garage door installer will provide peace of mind and ensure the project is completed safely. The average labor costs for the installation of a single door will be around $300 or up to $500 for more challenging jobs.

What is an Insulated Garage Door Installation Cost?

For homes in colder climates, insulating the garage door may help control the temperature inside. For attached garages, that can also mean that drafts from a frigid garage will be reduced from penetrating into the main home and potentially lower energy costs. An insulation package can also provide soundproofing. Expect the garage door insulation to add an extra $200 to $600 on average.


How long will it take to install a garage door?

A typical garage door installation will take a professional between four and seven hours. Extra time may be needed for custom and complicated styles and accessories.

How much is the lowest charge for garage door installation?

Standard panel and tilt-up garage door styles are the most cost-effective. Keeping your material selection to inexpensive options like steel or synthetic will keep the price down too.

Can you install a garage door yourself?

While a skilled DIY veteran may be able to install a garage door, it is not recommended. Doors are extremely heavy and attaching the tension springs can be dangerous. Although the cost of a professional installation will be more than doing the work yourself, an incorrect installation will cost more to repair in the future.

What is the most difficult part of installing a garage door?

Installing the springs are the most complicated and difficult part of the process. Special tools are needed to minimize accidents while managing the tensioner and attaching the springs to the other door components.

Do you need professional services to install a garage door opener?

Again, it is advised that you use a professional to install a garage door opener. You also will need mechanical, electrical, and carpentry skills for a proper installation. The infrared safety beam requires a precise set-up and a professional service professional will accurately determine the best opener type and power requirements.

How long does it take a professional technician to install a garage door opener?

A professional installer will need between two and six hours to put in a garage door opener. If the job replaces an existing unit, it may take longer to dispose of old equipment. If some parts can be reused, it may help speed the job up.

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Garage door installation costs can vary significantly based on a lot of factors. The garage door size, type, number of doors, material and design, accessories, and labor costs will all affect the final number. While it is recommended that professional installers handle the job due to the complexity and dangerous nature of the project, 93.3% of the garage door installation costs can be recouped upon the sale of the home. Do your research, consider your budget, and hire a professional today to enjoy your new garage door for years to come.


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