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Damage Prevention: What to Do with a Cracked iPhone Screen

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There’s no doubt about it: cracking your iPhone screen is a surefire way to bring a dark cloud to any otherwise sunny spring day. Sure, in retrospect you probably shouldn’t have been so careless with it.

Don’t let your broken phone screen get you down – we’re here to walk you through the steps to cope with your cracked iPhone screen. Now that your iPhone screen is indeed shattered, it’s time to assess the damage to stop any further problems from developing.


Assess the damage

shattered screen: cracked iPhoneFirst of all, be careful. If your phone screen has shattered, there’s a good possibility that there are small shards of glass sticking out. Therefore, act with caution. There’s no need to add a cut finger to an already less than ideal situation.

Is your iPhone screen cracked, or is it fully shattered? Depending on the case, there are temporary solutions you can try out until you based on the type and amount of damage.

It’s also important to determine whether the screen itself is damaged, or just the protective glass. Does the touchscreen work? Is your phone functioning as normal, or are apps opening and closing on their own? Are there dark spots or other evidence that the LED screen has been damaged?


Why do anything at all?

cracked iPhone screenSure, it might be easiest to ignore the problem and go about your day, but it’s important to note that smartphones are carefully crafted to keep moisture, debris, and dust from entering the machine. Once your screen cracks, that seal has been compromised, and your phone is especially vulnerable to dust and moisture.

This can can affect the long-term life of your phone. In a word, it’s not just a superficial problem. A cracked screen can have longer-term effects.


If it’s just a crack

cracked iPhone screen: PulsOne option to temporarily seal a phone screen and prevent a crack from spreading is to apply a compound called cyanoacrylate, which is found in things like super glue and nail polish. We don’t necessarily recommend this approach. That’s because if you’re not careful, the illiberal application of cyanoacrylate can cause further damage to your phone, which could void the phone’s warranty. 

That said, if you still want to go ahead and try to limit further damage, a few drops of glue or other adhesive on the tip of a toothpick or nail polish brush can be lightly applied along the crack and allowed to dry before using your phone. Make sure to tilt the phone back and forth to encourage the even application, and make sure to immediately wipe away any residual glue that might remain.


Shattered into a million tiny pieces

cracked iPhone screenIf your iPhone screen is completely shattered, a clear piece of packing tape can be a big help. Carefully cut a piece to size, and slowly roll it down flatly and evenly over your screen, trying to keep it as flush as possible and avoid any wrinkles.

This is obviously just a temporary solution, but it can keep your phone intact long enough to get it to a professional. It goes without saying that if you try to take the tape off, your screen is coming off with it.


Call in the professionals

cracked iPhone screenYou can try to go the DIY route if you’re brave – or foolhardy, perhaps – but bear in mind that even though screen fixing kits are available online, hundreds of hours of professional expertise are not. 

It’s easy to inadvertently cause more damage to the inner workings of an iPhone while trying to fix the screen yourself, and you’ll most likely find yourself calling the experts anyway. Avoid the shame of having a professional look at your phone and ask, “Did you try to fix this yourself?” and leave it to the experts.

While the Apple Store might be an option, you’ll have to locate one and then take the time out of your busy day to drive there and stand around in line. Puls, on the other hand, will meet you anywhere you happen to be – home, office, or even the gym, at the time of your choosing to fix your phone. Best of all, our rapid response means that you can have a Puls technician by your side within the same day.

Booking a technician is easy, and can be done online in just seconds. Simply select your device, and let us know the issue, and tell us where and when to meet you. In addition to cracked iPhone screens, we also specialize in battery replacement, water damage repair, and a whole host of other issues. And voila, your phone is as good as new. There’s finally an easier way to fix your cracked iPhone screen.

Jake S.
Jake Sherman is a professional writer with a background in journalism. He is fascinated by home appliances and how they work. He enjoys breaking down complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways. He has been a Puls staff writer for two years. When he's not writing, he enjoys trotting around the globe, trying unfamiliar foods, and testing unmarked doors to see if they're locked.
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