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Handyman Services for Moving

Nothing says friendship like someone asking you to help them move house. You spend a few backbreaking hours helping them lug “essential” items like their collection of vintage KISS posters, they save a pile of cash by not hiring a moving company, and you get paid in pizza and beer, somehow making the whole thing “worthwhile.”

Of course, when it’s time to call in the favor, the phone goes unanswered and all of a sudden, your job just got a whole lot bigger. 

Fortunately, for all the things on the to-do list surrounding your move, we offer an easy and affordable option with our variety of handyman services. It’s sort of like being able to rent a super-skilled buddy – except at the end of the day, he won’t put his feet up on the coffee table and ask what’s for dinner. You can even have the same handyman perform different types of jobs on the same visit, so you can make the most of it while they’re around. 

Here are just a few of the things that a Puls handyman can do to save you time and simplify the moving process as you take leave of your old digs and settle into the new:

  • Appliance installation – Rather than struggle with disassembling and then connecting dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and more, we can help you get your appliances ready to go and get them set up for you when you arrive.
  • Drywall repair – Leave your old place looking great or fix up your new one – this is an especially great option for those who are leaving an apartment and don’t want to lose out on deposit money or risk the management hiring a costly service of their choice. 
  • Electrical services – We can repair, swap out, or install completely new light switches and outlets, as well as install new devices such as heaters, bathroom fans, or even heated toilet seats.
  • Fan install – No ceiling or bathroom fans in your new place? No problem. We can install them for you, saving hours, of precious time. 
  • Furniture assembly – It doesn’t matter how large or small a piece of furniture may be – from chairs or end tables, to desks and tables, to beds, shelving units, or large dressers, we can put it together for you. 
  • Interior painting – Give your new home a much-needed makeover and get started on the right foot, or save cash on the required paint job before leaving your old place – either way, we make it simple to get the job done, cutting down on both costs and time spent searching for a quality painting service. 
  • Light install – From exterior lights to new interior fixtures and even chandeliers, we can lighten your workload by taking care of the install for you. 
  • TV mounting – We’re known far and wide for our expert television mounting and installation services, and for good reason – we’ve been doing it for years. Not only can we mount your TV on any type of wall, but we also offer the works when it comes to getting your entertainment center set up, including sound system install, cord concealment, and more. 
  • Wall hanging – We can even hang small or large items for you – even ones bigger than 3 feet square.
  • Other handyman services – Don’t see something on this list? Just describe the job you need and we’ll estimate a low hourly price. 

Save Money in Addition to Time with Puls+

While ordering handyman services can save you hours of labor, simply joining the Puls+ Membership Program can save you money, as well. A 20% discount applies to all Puls services across the board after members book their first service and pay the low $79 annual membership fee – but in addition to the 20% savings, members are entitled to lots of other benefits, as well. Receive priority booking from top-rated technicians, an extended guarantee, and exclusive offers for Puls+ members, just to name a few. Interested in becoming a member? Book your service here to get started!

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Jake S.
Jake S.
Jake Sherman is a professional writer with a background in journalism. He is fascinated by home appliances and how they work. He enjoys breaking down complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways. He has been a Puls staff writer for two years. When he's not writing, he enjoys trotting around the globe, trying unfamiliar foods, and testing unmarked doors to see if they're locked.

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