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The Best Living Room Design Ideas for a Functional and Beautiful Space

Oftentimes, in the living room, we’re forced to pick between a trendy design and a functional space. Gone are the days of covering the furniture with plastic to protect it and saving the living room only for "company," but now we’re faced with a different challenge. How do we make our living rooms feel trendy, kid-friendly, functional, and enjoyable at the same time? 

We've cracked this design challenge and assembled some ingenious living room design ideas to help you transform your living room into a trendy and functional space that the entire family will love.

Living Room Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Existing Space 

1. Choose Multi-Functional Furniture that Also Doubles as Storage

Living room design idea: choose multifunctional furnitureCombine style, comfort, and function with smart furniture choices. Look for coffee tables that provide a flat surface for playtime or for a snack as you relax in front of the TV but also double as storage for toys or blanket throw. This makes clean-up fast and leaves your living room clutter-free.

If you've got kids, choose a dark or neutral woven fabric or leather for the highest durability. Spills will be more easily camouflaged on nubby upholstery or easily wiped up with cleaner on leather surfaces. 

Let the color of your furniture be determined by the color of your pet’s fur. Just imagine how much time you’ll save cleaning Fido’s black fur off your white sofa!

Take advantage of an open floor plan by filling it with comfortable, modular furniture. Sectionals are trendy because of their flexibility. Push all the pieces together or split them up. Add a few ottomans that double as footrests and extra seating. Pair with cushy leather barstools along the adjoining kitchen counter and you’ve got room for everyone.

2. Mount TVs, Shelves, and Audio Equipment on the Wall 

To keep your floor space clear of a TV cabinet, mount the TV on the wallWith flat panel TVs the norm, there’s no reason to take up valuable floor space with a stand. Hang that baby on the wall for optimum viewability. While you’re at it, hang your soundbar for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Get more furniture off the floor with floating bookshelves. Floating shelves add a fun design element to the space, and are a functional addition to any room. Store books, art pieces, a plant or two, and a few mementos for the perfect blend of style and function. 

3. Add Multifunctional Spaces to the Living Room 

Another living room design idea is to make different parts of the living room have many different uses.Just as you’ve become accustomed to multitasking, make your living room multifunctional by incorporating mudroom, office workstation, or playroom components into designated areas. Hang coat hooks and add a bench with basket storage underneath to organize outdoor wear near the entrance to the room. 

Set up a laptop niche in a corner to keep an eye on school-agers doing homework or surfing the net. 

Don’t forget to make room for your furry family members, too! Instead of letting your living room design suffer from a large metal crate in the corner, check out coffee table/doggy crate combos or incorporate a pet bed into a corner niche so everyone has their own comfy space.

4. Add Some Greenery 

Another living room design idea is to add in much needed greenery.Plants can reduce stress, clean the air, and make a space look (and feel) homey and inviting. In addition to these great benefits, plants are trending as an interior design element. Trending plants of the moment include fiddle leaf fig trees and air purifying ZZ plants

5. Maximize Floor Space with a Fun Area Rug


Make it more comfortable to sit on and brighten the room with a colorful, thick-pile area rug. Add some overstuffed pillows with matching vibrant hues and everyone will be vying for a spot on the floor.

Renovating Your Living Room? Try This. 

1. Opt for an Open Floor Plan 

A great living room design idea if you're renovating is to give the space an open floor plan.If you have a little bigger budget and want to truly transform your living room space, opt for an open floor plan. Knock down non load-bearing walls, open the space between your living room and kitchen, and add bigger windows to let in more natural light.

If you’re replacing the floors too, opt for hardwood, laminate, or engineered hardwood. These types of hard-surface flooring are trending right now. They look beautiful, are easy to keep clean, and can be matched to any décor. 

2. Add Built-ins for a Custom Look

Add in custom built ins for added storage. While you’re tearing down walls, consider adding a few built-in features. Cabinets or shelving on either side of a fireplace are great for keeping everything in place. Include a drop leaf desk on one side that can be raised or lowered whenever you need it.

Natural light brings positive energy and warmth to a room. Add a walk-out bay window with seating to increase the smile factor. Add a plush cushion with lots of decorative pillows and watch every member of the family flock to it.

No matter how much or how little you want to invest, think about who will be using the space, what they like to do, and create a plan for incorporating all of those activities. The more convenient and comfortable you make the space, the more likely every member of your family will want to spend time there. 

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Debbie D.
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