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7 Interiors That Will Blow Your Mind: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We scoured the internet to find 7 of the most inspiring interiors created by some of the top interior designers across the country. 

Through bright colors, sophisticated lines, and inspiration taken from contemporary and modern art, these spaces will make you want to drop everything and start redecorating. 

The Art House from Kelly Wearstler 

Interior design inspiration: the art house by Kelly WearstlerInterior design inspiration from Kelly WearstlerInterior design inspiration from Kelly Wearstler

Images courtesy of Kelly Wearstler 

We love the vibes of this Harper Avenue home in West Hollywood designed by the one and only Kelly Wearstler. Every piece in the home is actually a piece of art, and it creates a vibrant, fun experience from the minute you walk through the door. 

Words from Kelly herself: “Inspired by the client’s own paintings, the bright, playful yet sophisticated color palette punctuates the fresh spirit and artful, happy mood throughout the home.”

Big statement pieces, bold lines and colors, and playful moments will emulate this contemporary style. 

The Bold Kitchen from Turnstyle Design, Austin TXSerious interior design inspiration from Turnstyle Design

Kitchen inspiration from Turnstyle DesignImages courtesy of Turnstyle Design 

Turnstyle Design transformed an ordinary kitchen into a stunning space complete with deep blue cabinets, marble hexagon tile, and a custom design on the pillars. We’re drooling over the bold colors and lines, and the little details like the extra storage space next to the fridge and bright pet bowls next to the center island. 

Turnstyle Design writes, “A skillful mixing of metals highlights precisely the luxuriousness of all materials used, and the many artistic hand-painted touches make this space high end, bold, and absolutely of its own personality.” 

The Napa Oasis from Niche Interiors, SF 

Interior design inspiration: Niche InteriorsGet inspired by this beautiful living room from Niche Interiors

Images courtesy of Niche Interiors

We love how this Napa home from Niche Interiors has a crisp, clean aesthetic that still feels cozy. Emulate these relaxing vibes with chic, comfortable sofas, a plush rug, and modern furniture with a touch of mid century style. 

Niche Interiors Writes: “The furnishings blend mid-century shapes with low-profile modern pieces for a relaxed, informal vibe. Textural rugs and fabrics and hand crafted wood pieces add warmth and layers to the space, allowing the contemporary artwork to take center stage.”

The Nature House by Betty Wasserman, NYC

Betty Wasserman's interior design inspirationBeautiful interior design inspiration: living room by Betty Wasserman

Images courtesy of Betty Wasserman 

If you can imagine living in a sunset, this home by designer Betty Wasserman is the actual representation of it. The drapes make us feel like we’ve walked into the sun right before it sets, and the warm neutral tones of the wood elements bring that theme to life even more. 

From Betty Wasserman: “Finding inspiration from elements of nature, we were able to incorporate a sunset color palette in the living area, using gorgeous hues of orange, burgundy, and red with a splash of neutrals—all highlighted in the beautiful drapery. The bedrooms showcase tranquil color schemes of navy, blue, and grey, a complementary contrast to the warmer hues used throughout the rest of the home.” 

The Colorado Retreat by Andrea Schumacher Interiors, CO

Gorgeous living room interior design inspiration from Andrew Schumacher InteriorsInterior design inspiration: kitchen and living room by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Images courtesy of Andrea Schumacher Interiors 

The gold details make this Colorado retreat by Andrea Schumacher Interiors really sparkle. An elegant, upscale, and grand space, it’s luxurious without being loud and comfortable without feeling overstuffed.  

The Dream Kitchen by CHAD ESSLINGER DESIGN, IL We love this beautiful kitchen by Chad Esslinger Design.

Kitchen interior design inspiration from Chad Esslinger Design!Images courtesy of CHAD ESSLINGER DESIGN

Designer Chad Esslinger has been featured on Houzz’s list of top kitchens, and it’s no secret why. This swoon-worthy space touches every element that comes to mind with the phrase “dream kitchen.” The big glass pendant lights, tile detail behind the sink, exposed beams, and tiny Persian carpet all tie together into the perfect kitchen space. 

The Venice Art House by Lori Dennis, LA 

We're feeling inspired by Lori Dennis's Venice art house.

Image courtesy of Lori Dennis

Named the Venice Art House by designer Lori Dennis, this home is the definition of chic and fun. Bright colored prints line the walls, and the warm wood features throughout give the extra sense of “hominess.” 

Bring the spirit of this design home with bold art pieces, fun pops of color in throw pillows, fluffy chairs, and a big fiddle leaf fig in the brightest corner.

Alexa C.
Alexa C.
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