Spring into Action: Top 5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This May

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As we welcome the warmer days of May, it's the ideal time for homeowners to perform critical maintenance tasks that safeguard their homes against seasonal wear and tear and upcoming summer conditions. Here are the top five maintenance tasks you should tackle this month, all of which are essential for keeping your home in optimal condition.

1. Gutter Cleaning and Inspection

After the retreat of winter, gutters often need attention to prevent potential water damage from spring rains. Cleaning out the debris that accumulates over colder months is crucial for avoiding clogs that can lead to water overflow and damage your home’s foundation and landscaping. While this can be a risky task for homeowners, our experienced technicians handle it efficiently, ensuring your gutters are pristine and fully functional.

2. Air Conditioning Servicing

With the onset of warmer temperatures, ensuring that your air conditioning system is running efficiently is key to maintaining a comfortable home environment. A professional service can extend the life of your unit, enhance its performance, and prevent costly emergency repairs during peak summer heat. Our skilled HVAC technicians perform comprehensive checks and maintenance, including filter replacement and coolant level assessments.

3. Interior Painting

The welcoming atmosphere of spring is the perfect time to refresh your home's interior. A new coat of paint can revitalize your living spaces, bringing new life and energy into your home. Interior painting not only beautifies your spaces but also protects your walls and increases your home’s overall value. Our professional painters are equipped to provide a flawless finish, ensuring a durable and beautiful look.

4. Deck Inspection and Repair

Your deck is an essential feature of summer entertainment, and now is the time to ensure it is safe and inviting. Inspecting your deck for any potential issues such as loose boards or structural weaknesses is key to preventing accidents and costly repairs later. Our handymen specialize in deck repairs and can quickly address any issues, ensuring your deck is ready for the summer.

5. Window Check and Cleaning

Clear, well-maintained windows can transform the feel of your home by enhancing natural light and improving energy efficiency. Checking for leaks and drafts, and cleaning the glass not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also its insulation properties. Our team is adept at thoroughly cleaning and inspecting windows, providing both aesthetic and functional improvements.


Maintaining your home in May is a proactive step toward avoiding unnecessary repairs and costs. Each of these tasks, while vital, can be time-consuming and technically challenging. Our skilled and experienced technicians are ready to take these off your hands, ensuring that your home care is thorough and hassle-free. Engaging professional help not only saves time but also ensures that maintenance is done right the first time, providing peace of mind and enhancing the value and safety of your home.

Puls offers over 30 on-demand home services nationwide, including TV mounting, plumbing, and smart home installations, with same-day availability and seamless booking. We also offer home warranties and property management solutions, making us a one-stop-shop for all home maintenance and repair needs. Visit our blog for more tips and advice.
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