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Handyman Services Costs

Remember all the great plans you had to fix up your house when you first moved in? Did you spend hours poring over paint decks to choose the perfect shade of green for the living room? Weren't you going to hang your family photos in a beautiful display for everyone to enjoy? How much money were you going to save by installing your own window treatments?

While you probably had great intentions, finding the time to actually do all those projects was probably impossible. Well, there's a great solution to your problem—hire a local handyman.

Today's handyman (or handywoman) is skilled to do a variety of projects and will charge a flat fee/per-project cost or hourly rate, depending on how complicated the job is. Services include things such as painting, furniture assembly, window treatment installation, wall hanging and more.

We've put together a list of typical handyman services costs to help you establish a budget and understand exactly what's involved in doing each project.

Flat Fees/Per-Project Cost

Handyman costs for simple installation projects are usually done on a flat-fee basis based on the amount of time they take to complete.

✅ Small jobs that take 1 hour: $100

✅ Medium jobs that take 2-4 hours: $200

✅ Large jobs that take more than 4 hours: $300+

Small and medium-sized jobs usually involve appliance installation, replacing an electrical outlet, re-grout tile, updating cabinets with new hardware, and repairing a leaky faucet.

Larger projects may also be done with a proposal that provides a total cost for the project and is broken down into various components of the project like materials and labor. These jobs are usually more complex and pricing per hour would make the cost-prohibitive. This per-project cost is often used for interior painting, installing windows and doors, hanging drywall, and construction jobs like building a deck.

Hourly Fees

Other handyman services prices that fall into the hourly category might include tasks like basic electrical work, minor plumbing jobs, gutter cleaning, light fixture installation, appliance repair, or power washing services. According to FIXr.com, you can expect to pay between $60 and $90 per hour.

A handyman will usually charge less than a professional contractor as they don't require licensing or permits for the majority of the projects being completed. While your handyman may have the skills to handle a wide variety of jobs, remember that he or she will likely not carry insurance for accidents or warranty their work.

Some typical hourly projects may include:

Wall hanging—this can include anything from hanging family photos to a large painting to a bathroom mirror. Framed items are easiest to install and generally require hardware on the item and a hook on the wall. The time required will be determined by how many items you're hanging, the size(s), the wall material, and the location. Anything that requires a step ladder or extension ladder will usually require an additional fee. Expect to pay between $50 to $200 on average.

Furniture assembly—putting together anything that comes in a box can be challenging and frustrating. Pricing varies depending on how big the item is, how complicated the work is, and if it can be assembled in the room it will be used in or must be relocated. Puls handyman services for furniture assembly are broken down by size:

Small Furniture

(chairs, stools, small end tables)


(up to 5)

Medium Furniture

(tables, one to two drawer chests, desks)


(up tp 2)

Large Furniture

(beds, dressers, shelving units)


(per piece)


Remember to inspect your furniture to make sure it's not broken or damaged. Keep the box somewhat intact so instructions and hardware don't get misplaced. Make sure there's a clear area for your assembler to work. You should always ask prior to scheduling if debris removal is included in the price so you won't have any surprise costs.

Window treatment installation—there are many types of curtains, draperies, shades, and blinds that can be used to enhance your decor plus control the light and privacy in the space. You should budget between $600 and $2,000 to install curtains and draperies. This accounts for approximately 30-45 minutes per window. Extra costs should be factored in for the purchase of rods, hanging clips or rings, and hardware. Puls charges between $140 and $560 to install up to eight window blinds. Remember, it may cost extra if your windows require a ladder to reach or if you're installing custom-made blinds with a special fit.

These are just a few of the many handyman services being offered to help homeowners get simple jobs done. Whenever you're pressed for time or just lack the tools or knowledge to handle those projects around the house, you can be sure help is just a click away. To provide peace-of-mind for all your household repairs and projects, consider a Puls+ membership. For just $79 per year, you'll receive a 20% discount on all services and a professional technician who's ready to help with anything you need.

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Debbie D.
Debbie D.
Debbie Dey is a professional writer with over three decades of experience in residential construction. Her background gives her a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of home improvement projects, which she enjoys sharing through her writing. She has been a Puls staff writer since 2018. In her free time, you can find her relaxing by the water or cruising with her husband in their sports car.

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