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5 Smart Gadgets to Show Your Significant Other How Much You Love Them

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5 Smart Gadgets to Show Your Significant Other How Much You Love Them

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner a gift that shows them good, old-fashioned romance isn’t dead – it’s just been given a 21st century update. There’s nothing wrong with presenting your significant other with another small velvet box this year, but then again, all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. 

These high-tech gifts are sure to wow him or her with their thoughtfulness – and no small amount of coolness factor. So whether you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a tech-lover or not, you can’t go wrong with one of these romantic gifts that also happen to be smart compatible. 

Echo Show 8 HD Smart Display with Alexa

Nothing is more romantic than a gift that your partner uses every day -- and with this updated Alexa smart home controller, you’re bound to be on their mind around the clock, because that’s how much they’ll be using it. 

Much like the Alexa smart home assistant we all know and love, the Echo Show lets your control all aspects of your smart home – from climate control to lighting – with the added benefit of an 8” HD screen. It’s perfect for seeing who is at the door when paired with a smart doorbell, and conducting video calls and sending messages.

It’s also ideal for watching movie trailers, catching an episode of your favorite series as you do chores, and even following along with recipes as you cook (and comes with the option of a Food Network Kitchen subscription). The stereo speaker provides more than enough wallop to enjoy all of the above, or just groove out to some tunes. 

Bose Smart-Enabled TV Soundbar 300

This Bose sound system offers more than just high-quality sound for a superlative home theater experience. It’s also a smart home hub with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants built in, and allows you to hear the news, weather, even make a telephone call with a simple voice command. 

Of course, these capabilities extend to your television-watching experience, too. Control the sound bar, your cable or satellite box, and the TV with your voice – no need to fumble around for the remote, simply say what channel you’d like to watch, and let your smart home assistant take care of the rest. 

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Enjoy the serenity of pure domestic bliss – or at least stop fighting over the thermostat quite as much – with the smart-enabled Google Nest thermostat. It learns your routines to automatically adjust to eco-settings when you’re out of the house, but will make sure your home is nice and toasty by the time you get back (and can be manually adjusted from your smartphone while you’re on the road), to achieve the perfect union between cost-efficiency and cozy climes. It’s customizable by room, learns your preferences, and even gives an energy report so you know how much power you’re using. Perhaps best of all, you can always place the blame on it while in the heated battle of a temperature war. 

Skymee Owl Remote Control HD Camera and Treat Dispenser

If the love of your life is furry and has four legs, you can still spoil them this Valentine’s Day with the Skymee Owl remote camera and treat dispenser. Combining mind-blowing cutting edge technology with the question “why hasn’t anyone thought of this earlier,” this revolutionary gadget lets you locate your pet even and give it a treat, even when you’re not at home, and capture video or take photos, to boot. You can remotely control it via your smart phone, dispense treats, and even use the built-in microphone to talk to your canine or feline bestie. Get ready to say goodbye to separation anxiety for good (whether yours or theirs).

Amazon Smart Oven

Now normally, we wouldn’t be so quick to recommend a kitchen appliance as a Valentine’s Day gift, but we think everyone will agree that this 4-in-1 oven from Amazon is an exception, if only because it’s so incredibly convenient. Microwave, convection oven, air fryer, and warmer all rolled into one, the Amazon smart oven can be controlled by simple voice commands or even from afar via your smart phone. It also takes all the guesswork out of cooking – with more than 30 smart presets and the ability to tell you when to flip your food and when it’s done, you’ll never have to worry about burning a meal again. To top it all off, Amazon’s scan-to-cook technology means you can simply use the free Alexa app to scan compatible bar codes on food packages, and the Amazon Smart oven will cook the food to perfection with no additional work from you. Without having to worry about who cooks dinner, you and your partner can take advantage of a little extra quality time together. 

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