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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring is finally on the horizon, and if you’re like us, you’re ready to clear the cobwebs out of your home and get it prepared for more sunshine and longer days. But a major spring clean can be a big undertaking, no matter the size of your home. Preparing to deep clean your home as the weather warms up? Here’s a short guide to starting your spring cleaning—and what types of services you can outsource so you can get out and enjoy the weather instead of being stuck inside cleaning all day.

Banish the Baseboard Grime

Be honest: When was the last time you cleaned off your baseboards? Spring cleaning is all about giving those often neglected areas of your home the attention that they need, and it’s likely that your baseboards are in desperate need of some TLC. 

To clean the baseboards, first dust them using either a vacuum cleaner attachment or a plain duster. Once all of the dust has been removed from the baseboards, mix a drop or two of dish soap with water and scrub them with a sponge. Finish off the job by wiping the baseboards with a dryer sheet to prevent future dust build-up.

Deep Clean the Windows

Sure, you may Windex your windows and French doors on occasion, but once that sunlight starts to stream through the living room, it’s easy to tell what spots you’ve been missing. 

To deep clean your windows, start by opening them up and grabbing the screens to scrub in the sink with soap and water. Next, wash your windows both inside and out using a glass cleaner and following up with a squeegee. Finally, dust your blinds, wash your curtains, and use a vacuum attachment to clean the sill and the window track.

Wash the Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is likely the messiest area of your household—and the kitchen cabinets bear a lot of that brunt. Whether it’s old spaghetti stains, coffee spills, or oil splatters from cooking, a deep clean spring cleaning will make your entire room sparkle once again. 

The best way to tackle the kitchen cabinets is to mix up a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray the mixture onto every cabinet, and wait a couple of minutes for the solution to soak in. Then, wipe and scrub the cabinets with a warm, damp microfiber cloth until all of the sticky spots and stains have been removed. Note that it may take a couple of passes if it’s been an especially long time since you’ve cleaned the cabinets off.

Re-grout Your Shower Tile 

If the grout on your shower tile is looking dingy or even moldy, it’s time to re-grout. Though this project can be fairly time consuming, it’s not a difficult task for even the novice DIYer. 

To re-grout the tile, you first need to remove the old grout using a power grinder. Once all of the grout has been removed, vacuum out of all of the dust and debris, careful to make sure you have an absolutely clean workspace. Mix up your tile grout and then gradually apply it with a trowel, smoothly spreading it and then remove the excess. 

Wait at least 24 hours before you take a shower once you have re-grouted so you won’t damage any of your work.

When to Call in the Pros

Even after you’ve scrubbed the windows and deep cleaned your kitchen, you still may have some lingering projects you’d like to get done around the house—like cleaning the gutters, installing new light fixtures, or painting your entire open concept living area. If these are beyond your scope (or you’d just like to get outside and enjoy the spring weather instead of tackling house projects), call in the pros at Puls to help!

We offer handyman services for everything from power washing to TV mounting to drywall repair—and all can be scheduled with just a simple click of a button. Our appointments are easy to schedule, and often even available within the same day that you book. 

We think home repairs and spring cleaning services should make your life easier, and not make you wait all day long for your technician to show up. Hire Puls and get the job done quickly! Book an appointment today and get your service completed as soon as this evening.

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Jamie B.
Jamie B.
Jamie Birdwell-Branson is a professional writer whose work has appeared on nationally-recognized sites, including Elle Decor, Zillow, BobVila.com, InStyle and others. She has been a Puls staff writer since 2018. When she's not writing for Puls she is either setting up Google alerts for flights to Europe, antiquing, or attempting to fix things in her 1940s Colonial-style house.

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