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Inside Today's Smart Home, Part 1: Home Security Systems

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Inside Today's Smart Home, Part 1: Home Security Systems

These days, with smart home security systems, security means a lot more than a company sending out a patrol car if the alarm goes off. Homeowners can monitor security cameras via mobile app, be made aware of environmental threats such as fire or carbon monoxide leaks, and security systems can even be connected to other smart home systems like the thermostat, which will change the climate in certain rooms or the entire home when you leave.

It’s a development that couldn’t come at a better time. Home security statistics can be scary: there are 2.5 million burglaries each year – that’s one every 13 seconds, or over 6,600 a day. The majority of those are home intrusions and aren’t as selective as you’d think. Renters are just as likely to get robbed as property owners.

Interviews with convicted burglars indicate that there’s plenty you can do to discourage would-be intruders, who are looking for the quickest, easiest opportunities with the biggest payoffs. Having a car in the driveway was one of the biggest deterrents, and hearing music or television was a no-brainer to choose another location.

Also not surprisingly, home security systems were a top reason for burglars to stay away. After all, alarms draw attention and severely limit the amount of time they can be in the house, while increasing their chance of getting caught. 

And while the majority of burglaries so unsolved, that is starting to change as more people get security systems and security cameras that can identify culprits in high resolution. So what are your smart home security options? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of smart home security in 2017.

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The Bare-Bones

If you have a very small living space or can’t afford a more comprehensive home security system such as SimpliSafe, a basic security camera with motion sensors can provide some security. Push notifications can alert you if the sensor is triggered, and in the case of fire or burglary, you can call the cops. It’s not ideal, but it’s a big step up from no security at all.


The Bells and Whistles

If you’ve got a large home and aren’t planning on going anywhere soon, there are all-inclusive systems that offer excellent protection – and you’ll pay accordingly. An inclusive system will have everything you need in a package deal, and will likely come with a lengthy contract, as well. It’s a great option for those with disposable income and who aren’t afraid to be tied to one security company for years at a time.


The Customizable

For those who like to cherry pick features that suit them while opting out of stuff they’ll never use, a modular system like SimpliSafe is a great choice. SimpliSafe supports up to 41 different components including door and window sensors, cameras, environmental monitors, and more, so you can cover all your bases in the way you best see fit.

Because the system is wireless, installation is simple and doesn’t require any drilling or invasive procedures that will leave lasting damage to your home.

SimpliSafe includes the full range of security measures that can sense if a door or window is opened even without being broken – and allows for notifications without setting off an alarm. So, for example, if you’re away for the weekend and want to make sure your teenagers don’t raid the liquor cabinet, you can set a notification if the door is opened.

Other features include a freezing warning to help you avoid burst pipes, fire and carbon monoxide warnings, water damage alerts, and keychain remote.

And, in a surprising power move, unlike most companies there is no contract necessary so you can use SimpliSafe on a month-to-month basis. We like a home security company that exudes confidence.

Oh, and by the way, SimpliSafe is compatible with Google Nest, which makes it easy to coordinate thermostat and other smart home settings while you’re away.

Because of the flexibility and lack of contract, the ability to purchase only the features you want, and the cutting edge tech, we think a system like SimpliSafe is a well-rounded choice that can take care of all your home safety needs.

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Jake S.
Jake S.
Jake Sherman is a professional writer with a background in journalism. He is fascinated by home appliances and how they work. He enjoys breaking down complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways. He has been a Puls staff writer for two years. When he's not writing, he enjoys trotting around the globe, trying unfamiliar foods, and testing unmarked doors to see if they're locked.

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