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Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 Highlights

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Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 Highlights

Exciting stuff coming out of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 (or WWDC, for short) in San Jose, California. The conference runs from June 5 – 9, and is technically geared towards developers, as the title implies. But while it may be developer-oriented, it’s a great place for us Apple fans to get the jump on the latest releases and updates from the tech giant.

So, what does Apple have in store for us this year? 

Photo Credit: Apple


Introducing iOS 11

The newly-announced iOS 11 will also take your iPhone and iPad to new levels. The new Files app is a welcome storage solution that’s cloud-compatible, and increased multitasking capabilities, when coupled with the new drag and drop option which allows you to drag text, photos, and files seamlessly between apps, border on revolutionary. 

Pay Friends with Apple Pay
Photo Credit: Apple



With the new iOS 11 update, you will now be able to pay friends using Apple Pay. This is a unique feature that will allow Apple Pay users to send and receive payments quickly from friends or family. You can send money and get paid in your iMessage, or even tell Siri to make a payment for you! This makes splitting big bills and costs a lot easier.

Photo Credit: Apple


Do Not Disturb while driving

Safety always should be put first - Now there is a new way for drivers to stay focused on the road, and not on your incoming messages. With the iOS11 updated your phone can now detect when you are driving and automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark. 

Photo Credit: Apple


Apple's Smart Home Speaker: HomePod

Another star of the show was the new HomePod, with an announced release this upcoming December.

Apple is very discreetly tossing their hat into the home automation ring in a calculated move intended to set itself apart from the competition. The company has always been interested in first targeting the higher-end market, and this time is no exception. So while many of the features were indeed quite impressive, what really differentiated the HomePod were the features it didn’t rely on.

The HomePod is marketing itself as a high-end speaker and music player, characterized first and foremost by smooth audio streaming and excellent sound quality. Sure, HomePod is capable of doing more, but Apple is keeping additional functions low-key for now.

The seven-inch speaker senses the room and fine-tunes its music play accordingly, adjusting for acoustics and sending the sound in the optimal direction. It’s also capable of wireless syncing with other speakers, even those located in another room.

The decision to stay tune-centric put the HomePod in stark contrast to Amazon’s Echo, Alexa, and Google Home. 

If you are looking for a great comparison between all of the hottest smart home speakers on the market today, check out this link.  

Ipad Pro
Photo Credit: Apple


iPad Pro - 10.5 inch, zero bezels

But that wasn’t the only news from WWDC 2017. The new iPad Pro 10.5 inch release unveils an extremely capable machine with “the most advanced display on the planet.”

Apple is touting not only the best-looking display, which moves smoother and is less reflective -- it’s also the most responsive display ever, with twenty percent more screen real estate to utilize with the Apple Pencil. And, to top it all off, Apple is boldly claiming that the iPad Pro can stand up to almost any PC laptop out there. Now how’s that for mettle? 

iMac Pro
Photo Credit: Apple


iMac and MacBook Updates

The anticipated iMac and MacBook previews were also pretty stellar – the upcoming iMac Pro promises to be the most powerful ever, with 18-core Xeon chips that are a solid 10-core jump forward from what’s available now. We’ll skip any puns about Apple and cores, and go straight to the impressive capacity for 128GB of RAM. Couple that with the 4TB solid state hard drive, and you’ve got, well, the most powerful iMac ever.

Apple Watch update
Photo Credit: Apple


Apple Watch

Apple Watch is still a thing, and it looks like Apple is looking to improve on the niche device with an updated, more intuitive watchOS, and charming micro-LED displays that will be included on new devices as soon as 2018. If you use Apple Watch to work out and monitor your activity level, this is good news. If you don’t yet, this news could be even better – Apple is looking to really bring out the potential for a wrist-side personal assistant, so if exercise isn’t reason enough for you to get one of these nifty little things, perhaps the increased utility will be.


In review

All-in-all, Apple's 2017 WWDC conference did not disappoint. From new product releases to platform upgrades, it's easy to see that Apple understands its customers. We are looking forward to the official release on all of the items you see above!

And if at any point you find yourself in need of an iPhone or iPad repair, schedule an appointment with Puls today, and you can have a working device the same day!

Jake S.
Jake S.
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