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Add-on Services to Appliance Repairs That Can Save You Money

Today's home appliances are pretty reliable and durable. You've probably become accustomed to how much easier life is with all the built-in, high-tech features they have now, so when one of your prized appliances breaks down, things can become pretty chaotic.

You might want to limp along with only three burners working on your range or just grab a drink of water from the faucet if your fridge's water dispenser stops working rather than call in reinforcements, but scheduling repairs with a professional could actually save you time and money.

Two Services Are Better Than One

When you contact an appliance repair service, you may be anxious to get the technician in and out as quickly as possible. After all, you just want to get back to your busy schedule with all you appliances intact. 

Of course, if your machine is repaired faster than expected, you may be reluctant to agree to any "add-on" services the specialist may recommend. Before you say no, consider these important maintenance tasks that can extend the life of your appliance, save energy costs, reduce the risk of fire hazard, or prevent more costly repairs:

  • General Appliance Tune-up—appliances with a lot of moving parts like dishwashers and washing machines tend to have more frequent breakdowns and leaks due to worn-out hoses and gaskets. When your tech examines and replaces cracked or vulnerable components plus thoroughly cleans your machine, you can be confident you've avoided major, costly repairs for awhile.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning—have you noticed your laundry is taking longer to dry? Do you have to extend the drying time or turn up the heat? Is the outside of your dryer hot to the touch after use? While you may remove lint that catches in the filter each time, pieces can sneak past the filter and build up in the dryer duct. This will restrict the airflow, making your dryer work harder, overheat and possibly even cause a fire. Don't risk it, have the technician clean out your dryer vent while he's there.
  • BioLine Maintenance—are your drains running slow? Do you end up standing in water during your morning shower because the drain can't take the water away fast enough? This add-on will help correct that problem and is environmentally friendly too. BioLine is an all-natural, non-toxic bacteria that, once poured down your drain, will feed on the grease, fats, oil, soaps, and detergents that have built up in your pipes. You drain lines stay clear and clog-free without the need for an expensive plumbing visit or damage to the environment.
  • Affresh for Washing Machine—new, high-efficiency washing machines use less water and protect clothes from damage. Unfortunately, they also require regular cleaning to break up dirt and residue that builds up inside. Let your service tech perform an Affresh cleaning on your top-load or front-load machine to keep it running efficiently for months.
  • Affresh for Dishwasher—just as your washing machine builds up all kinds of contaminants, so does your dishwasher. Ask your tech for an Affresh add-on to your appliance repair to remove limescale and mineral build-up inside your machine. If you've got hard water your machine is at even more risk for damaging your dishes with mineral line stains, rusting silverware and hard water stains.
  • Change Fridge Filter (small, medium or large)—just like you change the oil filter in your car to keep contaminants from getting into your car's engine, your refrigerator water filter needs changing to keep drinking water and ice cubes tasting fresh and free of dangerous elements. It's recommended you change your filter every 3-6 months, depending on usage to eliminate things like benzene, chloriine, herbicides, lead, mercury, pesticides and particulates. You'll be improving the operation of your refrigerator, water and ice cube taste and your health.

Puls+ Has Got You Covered With Two Specialized Membership Programs

When your appliances break down, you want a company you can trust to repair your time-saving machines quickly, affordably, and on your schedule. Puls is ready to send a specialist to your home with the click of the mouse. Same-day service is also available to get you up and running in no time.

Want peace of mind knowing your appliances are covered should something unexpected occur? Then look no further than a Puls+ membership. We offer two programs to fit your needs and budget. 

Choose a Puls+ Maintenance membership and automatically extend your basic 90-day warranty to 180 days. For a low annual fee of $79, you also get a free annual home check-up, priority booking with our highest-rated technicians, exclusive monthly offers from TicketsAtWorks, waived security and support fees, concierge support during business hours, limited pro DIY content, and 20% off all services.

Looking for an even more comprehensive program? Select our Puls+ Protection membership. With this upgrade, your warranty will be extended to 1 full year. For just $249/year ($20.75/month), your membership will include many of the benefits of the Maintenance plan plus two $129 flat-rate appliance service calls, 2 free home check-ups, concierge support 24/7, unlimited pro DIY content, 20% off all services, and zero deductibles.

Don't get caught off guard with no coverage for major repair expenses. Save hundreds of dollars per year on repair costs, experience on-time arrival windows from trustworthy, fully vetted technicians, and rest easy knowing you've got support 24/7. Join Puls+ by booking your first service here.

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Debbie D.
Debbie D.
Debbie Dey is a professional writer with over three decades of experience in residential construction. Her background gives her a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of home improvement projects, which she enjoys sharing through her writing. She has been a Puls staff writer since 2018. In her free time, you can find her relaxing by the water or cruising with her husband in their sports car.

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