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5 Summer Home Security Tips to Keep You Feeling Cool All Season

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5 Summer Home Security Tips to Keep You Feeling Cool All Season

Spring is nearly here, and as the balmy days of tank tops and shorts beckon, we’re ready to throw open our doors and windows, get some fresh air and sunshine into our homes, and simply let it all hang out. After being cooped up all winter, it’s about time. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to do this and still keep a home safe in summertime – all without breaking the bank. Though the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics says summer is the peak season for burglaries and break-ins, the wide array of smart security devices available today allows you to customize a home security network that’s perfect for your needs. 

Whether you have a vacation home you’d like to keep an eye on, work from home or office, have kids speeding in and out of the house throughout the day, or have plans for an extended summer road trip, smart tech and connectivity are the secret to maintaining summer home security. 

Read on for some of our top summer home security tips and stay protected at home, on the road, or even if you just step out to run a few errands. 

Never Forget Open Doors and Windows (Or Leave Them Open Worry-Free)

Even if you’ve got a top-notch air conditioning system, odds are that between April and September the doors and windows in your home are open a fair amount of time. Instead of putting palm to forehead next time you run out and realize you left the windows open, get a real-time reminder from your smart home security system. 

Customizable systems like those by SimpliSafe or Ring can let you know if any doors or windows are open when you leave the house – or send alerts to your phone in real time if any are opened while you’re away. You can even leave sliding doors or windows slightly open for ventilation with Ring’s Slim Magnet sensor. With smart home assistant voice activation, you can simply announce that you’re leaving and walk out the door – and your smart home security system will activate to keep you safe. 

Rest Easy on Your Summer Vacation

With today’s bespoke smart security systems, you can choose more than just the components. While virtually all major companies offer subscriptions for 24/7 emergency support and monitoring, many of them also allow customers to purchase monthly plans with the ability to cancel anytime. This means that you can fall back on the pros while you’re out of town, and take back the reins when you return. 

Folks without a subscription still get real-time updates to their smartphones, and can be automatically notified if the system detects unusual activity. If they’ve purchased video cameras, they can also see what’s happening inside their home live, and even speak and listen to anyone inside. They can decide if and when to call local authorities – though if they have a subscription to the professional 24/7 monitoring, the security company will know to alert authorities the moment a threat is detected, whether the homeowner is aware or not. 

Stay Ahead of Potential Intruders

Professional burglars do their homework, and if someone intends to break into a home they’ll often knock on the door posing as a salesperson to scope out the scene. Enter the smart doorbell. You can play it close to the vest and keep potential intruders guessing as to whether you’re home or not by answering the door via your smartphone from wherever you happen to be. 

Whether you’re on the sofa or the next state over, smart doorbells like the Google Nest Hello or Ring Doorbell let you view visitors in real time, speak, listen, and even open the door to let them inside if paired with a smart lock. 

Deprive unfamiliar faces of a free look inside your home, or let loved ones inside even if you’re away – smart doorbell systems give you total control. 

Keep Those Bikes and Lawnmowers Safe

One of the biggest challenges of summer is keeping an eye on valuables stored in the garage – and this is doubly true if there are children in the household. An open garage is an invitation for someone to just walk in and take what they like, but with all the use that a garage gets in the warmer months, it’s hard to keep track of whether it’s open or closed. 

A smart garage door opener takes all of the guesswork out of it, whether you’re home or not. Not only can the garage door automatically close anytime you leave the house or open as your car approaches, but it can also be automated to open or close at various times throughout the day, such as when kids get home from school or camp. 

A camera with a two-way speaker system lets you view and speak with anyone within range, and you can open the garage remotely via your smartphone to let them in, as well as close it after they leave – a superb option for package delivery. And, never wonder whether someone left your home and property exposed by accidentally leaving the garage door open – check the status anytime from your smartphone and close the garage no matter where you are. 

Light It Up

Whether you’re home or away on vacation, security experts say that more light means less chance an intruder will attempt to break in. Thanks to smart home connectivity, with the Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor, approaching people automatically trigger both outdoor and indoor lighting, so it appears that you’re at home even if you’re away. And, via the Hue Hub (sold separately), you can control up to 50 lights both indoors and out. 

Puls Smart Home Installation Services

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