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5 Smart Home Tips to Kick Your Summer BBQ Up a Notch

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5 Smart Home Tips to Kick Your Summer BBQ Up a Notch

When you fire up the barbecue this summer, you’ll want to devote your attention to getting the perfect sear on that steak or grilling those veggies to smoky perfection -- not to mention spending a little time with your guests. Constantly answering the door or having to make a last-minute supermarket run can certainly make hosting a strain (and may possibly even risk your reputation as pitmaster). 

Fortunately, we’ve got some tech-driven summer bbq tips that will make it feel as if you’ve got an entire crew of sous chefs around to assist you. With these smart grill recommendations, you’ll be able to please a crowd of hungry guests -- and have plenty of time to kick back and relax. Read on for our 5 smart home bbq ideas, after the jump. 

Let your fridge help you keep your cool

These days, your refrigerator can be so much more than just an ice machine. Smart refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub make sure that you’ll never stand in a supermarket squinting at a carton of milk again, trying to remember if you already have some at home or not. Access the Family Hub app on your phone to see the inside of your fridge anytime you like, or even let it do your shopping for you. Not only can you can your family update shopping lists in real-time, you can even use the Instacart app to have groceries delivered, or, if you’re not in the mood to cook, use GrubHub to have takeout brought directly to your door. 

Keep tabs with a smart meat thermometer 

When it comes to grilling the perfect steak or burger, looks can be deceiving. The only way to really know whether your steak is medium-rare or medium-well is with a meat thermometer -- because let’s face it, that palm of the hand “trick” doesn’t really work. 

But no need to be tethered to the grill if you’ve got a smart meat thermometer like the Meater Plus. This hi-tech thermometer connects to your smartphone and Alexa smart home assistant to let you check in on that barbecue from anywhere in your home. With a 165-foot bluetooth range and limitless range if it’s connected to WiFi, the Meater Plus allows you to monitor your food’s internal temperature -- as well as the external temperature of the grill, oven, smoker, or sous vide -- and can even alert you when the food reaches a pre-set temperature. 

Can’t get the door? Don’t keep guests waiting

Whether you’re giving those burgers a much-needed flip or pouring drinks for your guests, there’s lots to do when hosting a get-together -- and constantly having to run and answer the door makes it all the more difficult to juggle everything all at once. With a smart doorbell like the Ring, you can pop out your smartphone to see who’s at the door, and enjoy two-way communication with your guests. You can let them know you’ll be there in a moment, invite them to let themselves in, or, if paired with a smart lock such as the August Smart Lock, you can even send an unlimited amount of digital “keys,” which will unlock the door for guests. The keys can be permanent or can be set to expire after a set amount of time -- from hours to days or weeks. And, keys can even be set to open on a repeated schedule, perfect for visitors who come on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, such as a house cleaner. 

Brighten things up

Let home automation do the work for you with a smart lighting setup such as the Philips Hue. You can select from a wide selection of highly customizable indoor and outdoor lights to set the perfect ambience for your Memorial Day barbecue without any fuss. Adjust the settings to your liking from your smart phone, or have the Philips Hue turn to a preset setup at a certain time. You can also have the smart lights turn on automatically to illuminate the way for late-arriving guests, as well as pair the lights with your sound system to create a light show to go with the musical selection. 

Let Alexa assist you

Having a smart home assistant such as Amazon Alexa is like having an extra pair of hands around -- or five. Have Alexa update you on the weather report, play a tune, read you a recipe, set multiple timers simultaneously, or advise you on grill times. Get lots done around the house while you stay grillside by taking advantage of smart home connectivity. Adjust the lights indoors or out, change the temperature of a smart-connected oven, or have a smart lock open the door for guests -- all without lifting a finger by using simple voice commands. 

Puls can help set up your smart home

Puls provides all the smart home installation services you need, including smart appliance setup and installation, smart lighting, smart plug setup, smart lock installation and more. We also install smart security systems, smart thermostats, and smart home assistants – and the list goes on and on! To book a Puls technician to perform your smart home installation, just go online and book the smart home installation services you need, at the time that’s right for you. Then sit back, relax, and a certified Puls technician will arrive at your door to take care of your smart home setup for you, even within the same day.
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